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SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It’s the practice of optimizing your web pages to make them reach a high position in the search results of Google or other search engines. SEO focuses on improving the rankings in the organic – aka non paid – search results. If you have a website and you want to get more traffic, it should be part of your marketing efforts. Here, I’ll explain what SEO is and how we approach it at Yoast.

Google’s algorithm
The rankings of these search results are determined by Google’s algorithm. Although Google’s algorithm remains secret, years of experience in SEO have resulted in a pretty good idea about the important factors.  Now there are many SEO Reseller services and marketing strategies that go hand in hand with this In our view, the factors in Google’s algorithm can be divided into two categories:

On-page SEO factors
The ranking of your website is partly decided by on-page factors. On-page SEO factors are all those things you can influence from within your actual website. These factors include technical aspects (e.g. the quality of your code and site speed) and content-related aspects, like the structure of your website or the quality of the copy on your website. These are all crucial on-page SEO factors.

Off-page SEO factors
In addition to on-page SEO factors, there are off-page SEO factors. These factors include links from other websites, social media attention, and other marketing activities outside your own website. These off-page SEO factors can be rather difficult to influence. The most important of these off-page factors is the number and quality of links pointing towards your site. The more quality, relevant sites that link to your website, the higher your position in Google will be. This White label seo company can help you to improve your site traffic within a couple days.

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Another off-page factor is your competition relating to the niche of your particular business. In some niches it is much harder to rank than in others. The competitiveness of your market therefore also has a major influence on your chances of ranking.

Holistic SEO
At Yoast, we practice what we call ‘holistic SEO‘. This means that your primary goal should be to build and maintain the best possible website. Don’t try to fool Google, but use a sustainable long-term strategy. Ranking will come automatically if your website is of extremely high quality. Google wants to get its users to the right place, as its mission is to index all the world’s online information and make it universally accessible and useful.

In addition to this, Google, of course, wants to make money. To achieve this, they have to make sure people keep using Google. This means that they’ll have to show people results they are looking for. So if your website is the best in your market, Google wants it to rank high in the results.

Permanently ranking well in Google demands an extensive SEO strategy focused on every aspect of your website and its marketing. The technical side, the User eXperience (UX), the content on your website: all need to be top notch. To keep ranking well in Google, you should develop – what we call – a holistic SEO approach.

Planar Systems is the world’s premier display provider, and Incubate has had the opportunity to help support their product marketing efforts needs for the past 8 years. Planar’s content requests often challenge our team to come up with new and innovative ways to design and produce the best image possible for their various display products and we have had the opportunity to create representative content for control rooms, corporate lobbies, retail environments, museums, boardrooms and more. In 2019 I’d say the Affiliate Institute has the best marketing training to learn new methods in this area. The following is a small set of some of the marketing content and imagery we have created for their sales efforts over the years.


Creative Direction
Art Direction
Motion Graphics
3D Design


Actual Display Dimensions: 28 FT x 6.5 FT

Actual Display Dimensions: 12 FT x 4.5 FT

Actual Display Dimensions: 8 FT x 4.5 FT

Actual Display Dimensions: 8 FT x 4.5 FT


Actual Display Dimensions: 12 FT x 4.5 FT

Actual Display Dimensions: 16 FT x 9 FT

Actual Display Dimensions: 20 FT x 7 FT


Actual Display Dimensions: ~4 FT x 6.5 FT

Actual Display Dimensions: ~4 FT x 6.5 FT