Brand Launch Campaign

Project Overview

For over 20 years, Dante has set the standard for networked audio and video within the professional AV market. If you’ve been to an airport, a sports stadium, or watched live TV, you’ve unknowingly encountered their products. Audinate enlisted Incubate to help create and launch a new brand awareness campaign to humanize the Dante brand while enhancing the AV community’s knowledge about Dante’s new and improved networked audio, video, control, and management capabilities.

Incubate crafted an integrated ad campaign designed to celebrate the AV professionals who utilize, support, and promote the Dante platform daily as superheroes. Essentially, using the Dante Platform will unlock your inner AV superhero.

The initial phase of the campaign launched at the Infocomm 2024 trade show with a media takeover that included digital signage, social ads, web banners, giveaways, and a special Dante booth installation. The campaign will continue over the coming year with new twists, events, and additional celebrations of the AV professional and the Dante platform.

Follow the campaign at getdante.com/heroes


Creative Direction
Art Direction
Script Writing
Motion Graphics
Music Production
Video Production


/// PHASE 1:

Our initial outreach efforts were designed to draw AV professionals to the Dante booth, while simultaneously heightening awareness for our new campaign. The goal for our initial visuals was to subtly unveil the concept that by partnering with Dante’s AV-over-IP Platform, you too can unlock your potential as an AV superhero. Just like the iconic Bat Signal-summons-Gotham’s hero, the Dante Signal is calling—all AV Professionals needed! And to truly embody this vision, we’ve created an immersive experience at the Dante trade show booth, where attendees could envision themselves as superheroes, showcased in authentic retail packaging.

Dante AV Superhero campaign print ad
Print Ad
Social Media
Dante AV Superhero campaign web banner ads
Web Banners
Dante AV Superhero ad displayed on large video wall in the lobby at Infocomm24
InfoComm Entrance Hall
Dante AV Superhero Campaign Trade Show Installation - Life-size Superhero packaging
Trade Show Booth Installation



Dante AV Superhero campaign swag - "By the Power of Dante!!" t-shirt, and "Dante-AV Superpowers Activate!"


/// PHASE 2:

Dante’s AV Superheroes In the second phase of our campaign, we spotlight Dante-certified AV professionals, celebrating them as the true superheroes of audiovisual technology. Through in-depth interviews, we delve into their personalities and experiences with the Dante platform, exploring the extent and impact of Dante’s integration into their daily work. Though creative writing and an initial photoshoot we capture the essence of each participant which helps set the stage for a transformation by our comic illustrator who reimagines them as their superhero alter egos within the AV realm.

AD #1
Dante AV Superhero campaign print ad
AD #2
Dante AV Superhero campaign print ad