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Polysteel Product Videos

Project Overview

To aid with the launch of of Coast’s new Polysteel Flashlight, Incubate was asked to concept and produce a product/brand video for use on the web and at tradeshows. Early on in the creative process, we were told that these flashlights were not only super bright and focusable but also water proof, drop proof and crush proof. Eager to test out the flashlight’s toughness with some real-life situations, Incubate created a series of short videos that would highlight both the flashlight’s technical features and durability through a variety of realistic scenarios. This video shoot was a blast and this flashlight is seriously amazing. We dunked the flashlight in the Pacific, dropped it repeatedly onto the edge of a table saw, and (best of all) ran it over with a 29 ton log loader and it kept on lighting the path. This was a great project and we look forward to testing out more of Coast’s amazing products.


Creative Direction
Art Direction
Script Writing
Motion Graphics
Audio Production
Video Production

VIDEO - Drop Proof

VIDEO - Crush Proof

VIDEO - Water Proof