System Design Guide Application

Project Overview

Incubate was asked to create an interactive/online sales tool for the Biamp Sales and Marketing team that would allow their customers to explore and learn more about various Biamp product installations and how the installations might fit in within the A/V needs of different industries. The interactive guide also provides users with the ability to view product highlights while exploring the product installation on an overhead building/room schematic.

The website was built as an HTML5/Javascript/CSS3 application with a user interface that was optimized for both desktop and touch-based displays. Incubate also ported the website to a desktop application for offline usages and is utilized in Biamp’s Tradeshow Touchscreen Kiosks. Additionally, Incubate was also responsible for the production and editorial of the voiceovers embedded in the Guided Tour sections.

While the System Design Guide website has just launched, we have a feeling it will be a instrumental asset in aiding the Biamp Sales Team, Designers, Integrators, Consultants and curious A/V customers with the knowledge of how Biamp’s Innovative technology can fit in with their specific needs.

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