Chinook Plumbing
Website & Branding Package

Project Overview

Nestled in the heart of Hood River, Oregon, Chinook Plumbing isn’t your average family-owned business—they’re the superheroes of sinks, the champions of clogs, and the maestros of plumbing maintenance. When they tapped us to re-fresh their decades-old web design and branding, we eagerly rolled up our sleeves and dove in. We crafted a bold and playful new logo featuring a finned mascot that exudes friendliness and hometown warmth, extending its reach into everything from business cards to stickers, and even splashing onto apparel and decals for a fleet of work vehicles. And because no modern hero can go without a digital lair, we designed and developed an SEO-optimized WordPress website that’s as slick as it is functional. We carefully crafted and curated all the written and visual content on the new web design and branding package to showcase Chinook Plumbing’s depth of services and expertise.

So, if you’re in need of plumbing services in the Columbia River Gorge or the greater Portland Area, look no further than our friends at Chinook Plumbing. And if you need web design or branding hit up Incubate.


Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Content Strategy
UX / UI Design
Content Production
Wordpress Development
SEO Management
Website Maintenance


Chinook Plumbing branding elements
split image with Chinook Plumbing business cards and sticker on water heater
Chinook Plumbing branded gear including hats, beanie, stickers, and pencils
Chinook Plumbing plumbers wearing new branded hoodies and helmets with chinook plumbing logos
Chinook Plumbing Service vehicle with new branding
Chinook Plumbing sponsor banner depicting the new branding hanging on outfield fence


Chinook Plumbing Web design and branding for new website
Chinook Plumbing Web design and branding for new website full page view

Web Design & Development

Incubate is responsible for the design, development, and day-to-day operation of the Chinook Plumbing Website. Our tasks encompass:

  • Strategic Content Refocusing and Rewriting: We strategically re-focused and rewrote the website content to extend user engagement, drive new search engine traffic, and generate measurable conversions.
  • SEO Content Crafting and Optimization: We craft and optimize website content and structure for enhanced search engine optimization (SEO) performance.
  • WordPress CMS Development: We developed the new website within the WordPress Content Management System (CMS) on a reliable hosting platform provided by WPEngine.
  • Integration of Google Apps Suite: We integrated a suite of Google Apps, including Tag Manager, Analytics, Search Console, and Google Ads. This integration helps us better understand the audience base, analyze how individuals find and utilize the website, and maximize online advertising efforts for Chinook Plumbing.
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance: We conduct monthly maintenance tasks, including system updates and routine content/SEO optimizations. These updates are aimed at continually enhancing website performance and customer engagement.
  • Responsive Design: At Incubate, we prioritize maintaining industry-standard usability and functionality for our websites across various browser platforms, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We ensure optimal user experiences across all devices through responsive design techniques implemented on the website. This approach enhances accessibility and engagement for all visitors, aligning with our commitment to delivering top-notch digital experiences.