Holland Residential
Upland Branding

Project Overview

As Holland Residential neared completion in the development of their new office building in downtown Vancouver, WA, they turned to Incubate to help name and brand the new building.

After a deep dive into Holland’s company culture and the local history of Vancouver, Incubate presented a number of naming options to the key Holland stakeholders. Collectively, we decided on “Upland”. As a name, it means higher ground; a place where one goes to start something new that promises to be big. It not only makes connections to Holland’s history in Vancouver but also represents their core company values & commitment to neighborhood revitalization. Upland also carries a sense of lore with it, alluding to future growth and new ventures to explore.

Once the naming process was complete, Incubate developed the branding and identity system for the building. The new brand has a modern and clean aesthetic with nods to the traditional and natural. Upland’s branding was brought to life through a 20-page brand guidelines book that highlights the brand manifesto, Upland logo, secondary logo, logo usage, colors, textures, typography, writing direction, signage direction, and branded collateral ideas.


Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Art Direction


At Holland Partner Group, we’re always looking for higher ground. The place that gives us the broadest view and the greatest perspective. This is Upland. It’s where one goes to start something new that promises vast rewards. Upland is where we breathe life into a vision, turning it into the next great story.

And Vancouver is part of that story. The people who first came here were determined to go Upland. To put this city on the map, to make everything that passes through here, better. Upland is the spirit of this city, the way it draws independent thinkers, people bent on cutting their own path.

Upland is our story as well. The way we rally passionate people to do what hasn’t been done before. The way we connect with the history of a community while helping build its future. The way the spaces we create will inspire people long after we’re gone.

Upland is where we go again and again, to see wider horizons, to take on greater challenges, and to come together to create something bigger than all of us.

We are headed Upland. Are you with us?