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Project Overview

Incubate teamed up with EVmatch, a nationwide network for sharing and renting private and commercial EV charging stations, to help redesign, develop and migrate the existing sales, marketing and e-commerce efforts of the EVmatch website into a new website. This redesign and migration corresponded with EVmatch’s internal focus on updating their mobile EVmatch Charging Application. Our web design goals focused on enhancing, clarifying and simplifying the user experience, creating clearly defined CTA’s and restructuring the content to direct clients to relevant EVmatch solutions and product offerings. To help achieve the design goals we redesigned the user interface, restructured content with a focus on user flow and responsive design techniques and we consolidated and integrated a number of third party services to insure a cohesive and consistent brand experience. Incubate also integrated Google Analytics 4 and custom tracking events to aide with metrics and tracking of integrated marketing campaigns and website visits. The website was designed and developed within a content management system, insuring  the Marketing Team at EVmatch will be able to handle the day-to-day content management needs directly, with out the need for design or developer assistance.

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Content Strategy
Creative Direction
UX / UI Design
Art Direction
Website Development
Content Production


EVmatch website homepage showing electric car charging in the driveway


EVmatch website created by Incubate Design
EVmatch website showing e-commerce solution created by Incubate Design

The Shopify store front and products were integrated directly into the WordPress site,
providing a seemless brand experience.


EVmatch image showing the website


EVmatch website Brand elements
EVmatch website UI UX images