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Project Overview

Providence Health & Services approached Incubate to completely re-think their User Experience and User Interface for their multitude of individual foundation websites that span the breadth of 7 states and over 240 institutional funds. The overarching goals were to streamline the donation process, provide a standardized baseline of content needs for each individual foundation that could support large and small institutions, and simplify the navigational structure between the national and local levels of the foundation websites.

Incubate began the process by collaborating with a diverse group of key Providence Foundation stakeholders from multiple states to conduct an overall audit of the site. Collectively we redefined the user base and created a set of features and criteria that needed to be integrated into the front-end design & back-end CMS to help satisfy the needs of the various user groups. Along with leading the discovery audit and initial site research, Incubate was also responsible for developing a streamlined site content strategy that allowed for varying levels of localized content to be added to the individual institutional pages all while keeping a cohesive national brand message.

Our design solution helped humanize the various institutional funds throughout Providence’s hospital facilities. We designed and deployed a flexible content structure that allowed the smaller institutions the same visual presence as the larger institutions. Our new Design System focused heavily on patient and foundational success stories while utilizing relevant photography to highlight the care, compassion, and dedication Providence provides to its patients, staff, and communities. In addition, these stories also give visitors a simple and direct option to make a donation. We also utilized custom illustrations and iconography throughout the site to help soften the intensity often associated with the medical field.

The UI/UX design concept was also developed with the client’s self-managed CMS system in mind. Incubate designed a flexible set of website components and page templates for use within the existing CMS system allowing the Providence team to quickly create, update and manage pages for the individual websites. The design was built to the latest ADA compliance standards and utilized simple imagery and iconography to create defining features throughout the website.

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Content Strategy
Creative Direction
UX / UI Design
Art Direction
Website Development Consultation
Content Production


Providence Health website wireframe
/// PHASE 1

Research + Content Strategy

Providence Health website wireframe
/// PHASE 2

UX – Site Maps, Wireframing, Prototyping

Providence Health website wireframe
/// PHASE 3

UI & UX Design, Development
Specifications Guide

/// PHASE 1:


Project process chart

/// PHASE 2:


Using the criteria from Phase 1, we collected and organized our research findings in the form of wireframes and detailed documentation of the anticipated features and various user needs. The next step was to utilize rough wireframes to create interactive prototypes to test the conceptual interactions. In conjunction, Incubate began establishing an overarching graphic branding system and worked on the UX design and overall look & feel of the website.


To understand the website’s needs and feature lists for each user group, a series of UX flow maps were created to illustrate every potential way a user might interact with the website. This process helped define the basic structure of the overall website design.

Providence Health sitemap

Wireframes of the website were created to begin establishing the User Experience. Wireframes were also helpful for prototyping the specific website features or user interaction methods. We collaborated closely with the Providence team to fine-tune the content strategy and needs of the User Interface while designing the system.

Providence Health website wireframes

/// PHASE 3:



Incubate finalized the design, layout, color standards, and imagery guidelines based on the structure and criteria established in Phases 1 & 2. The visual style frames for the varitry of content templates, features and user interactions were created and documented for the development team. Additionally, Incubate designed and produced all the icons and illustrated assets that would be utilized throughout the website. In the end, we delivered a master design document and a corresponding set of files that outlined the detailed HTML/CSS development specifications and usage directions for the development team to implement within their CMS system.

Navigation Design

Providence Health website navigation example
Providence National Foundations Website on iPad

Page Templates w/ dynamic content blocks

Providence Health Website homepage design
Providence Health interior website page design of our priorities

Ad Banners

Providence Health Website pop-up example

News Pages & Donation Forms

Providence Health website our stories interior page
Providence Health website ways to give page
Providence Health website blog page


Brand elements for Providence National Foundations Website