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In an age where visual imagery commands much of our attention, Planar has established itself as a global specialist in enhancing our visual experiences with their large format digital displays. So, when Planar approached Incubate to redesign the product section of their website, we jumped at the chance to support our long-term client. For the initial phase of this project, Incubate set out to rethink and refresh the product pages of Planar’s website to reflect the exceptional quality inherent in their technical display product offerings.

The first task of the web design project was to analyze and develop a new content approach for the product pages. The previous pages were overburdened with content, making it difficult to find relevant information. As a collaborative group, we refocused the product attributes, imagery, and downloads to highlight the items that make the Planar products unique in the AV Industry. From there we delivered a new content structure focused on highlighting key product attributes, aiming to provide scannable and consistent content across product page designs. This shift in focus also enabled Incubate to simplify the overall User Interface and User Experience design strategy.

The UI/UX design concept was developed with the client’s self-managed CMS system in mind. Incubate designed a flexible set of website components and page templates within the existing CMS system, empowering Planar’s website content team to swiftly create and update product pages that adhere to the new web design system. Incubate played a pivotal role in managing and collaborating with the CMS development team to ensure the new website development aligned with the specified design. Lastly, we provided production support to the Planar content team, assisting with content creation, deployment, and testing of approximately 150 new product pages.
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