Insignia Health
Flourish UX/UI Design

Project Overview

Insignia Health hired Incubate to retool and rethink their company’s Flourish application to better cater to their diverse clientele of doctors, nurses and healthcare professionals. Incubate was initially responsible for reworking the UI & UX experience for the Flourish homepage. We designed a new dashboard oriented navigation system for the page, that combined quick glance stats, along with short-cuts to commonly used tasks and functions of the SAS application. The new design accounted for a high level of ADA compliance and was run thru extensive user testing to ensure that the site was easy to use for a diverse audience. Upon completion of the design, Incubate collaborated with the internal development team at Insignia to help bring the new dashboard design to life. Shortly after the dashboard was activated, we then extended the new design language into the Reports section of the application. The simplified design language added clarity to the 2 most used sections of the application.

UX / UI Design
Art Direction
Development Consultation


Flourish Website homepage dashboard page created by Incubate Design

Dashboard Design

Flourish UI/UX Design created by Incubate Design

Reports Page Design


Flourish UI/UX System created by Incubate Design