Insignia Health
Corporate Website

Project Overview

Insignia Health hired Incubate to build a new corporate website that would better inform the broader healthcare marketplace on Insignia Health’s B2B product offerings. Incubate redesigned the website from the ground up, focusing on developing clear navigational pathways to their product offerings and services. We also restructured how aspects of the product stories were presented to the users by mixing a new visual language with simple and easy-to-understand infographics. Additionally, Incubate added key product callouts and a versatile content management system that can easily be adapted for future additions to the website. The new website was developed on a Strapi/React headless CMS backend with an HTML5/CSS front-end. The content on is fully responsive and ADA compliant.

Content Strategy
Creative Direction
UX / UI Design
Art Direction
Website Development
Content Migration
Content Production


Phreesia Insignia Health Company Website homepage
Phreesia Insignia Health Company Website interior pages


Insignia Health website brand elements