PAM & CFA Product Branding

Project Overview

Insignia Health’s mission is to help everyone become better managers of their personal health and healthcare. They accomplish this goal through the use of a system of healthcare tools that are designed to measure, predict, and affect human behavior. Incubate was hired to redesign both the Insignia Health company website and product branding for two of their flagship products. We started the entire redesign process by first rethinking the product logos and graphic systems. Our goal was to design a set of logos that conceptually echoed the system’s inner workings while also alluding to the individual’s journey within the PAM system. In addition to the logo designs, we also created a set of graphic elements, charts, and refined color systems that all work to provide additional support to the inner workings of the PAM and CFA products.


Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Art Direction

Patient Activation Measure Identity

At the foundation of Insignia Health’s product offerings is the Patient Activation Measure (PAM). PAM is a cohesive behavior activation model that uses empirically driven surveys to assess an individual’s knowledge, skills, and confidence in managing and maintaining one’s own health. The logo we designed is meant to represent both the multitude and diversity of program participants (data points) while referencing the patients’ journey toward becoming a more activated patient.

Infographics & Chart Design

Coaching for Activation Identity

Coaching for Activation (CFA) works in tandem with PAM’s survey results to help healthcare workers provide the right level of education and support to each individual patient. This logo concept was driven by the idea of taking the data from the PAM survey and setting it in motion.